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This site is dedicated for bluebrads email automation.

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Bluebrad Send System


I have moved Bigbigmail to its new location https://bigbigmail.com

This system is nolonger a newsletter system for outside bluebrads service emails.

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If you wish to not get any more emails from this service please click here. This will prevent any new emails.


These emails you are receiving are because your email was publicly listed and captured by Bluebrad. Rest assured, I do not share these email lists outside my services. Not even my clients have access to the backend system. Occasionally, I might use this list to send email automations for my services or my clients. However, you can opt out of this system at any time [STOP ALL EMAILS]. Once you have been added to the stop list, no emails will be sent from that moment on. Please allow 3 days for this to take effect. If you are still receiving emails or wish to continue receiving them and you are not, please submit a support ticket here.

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